Metal Management

At Johnson Matthey, we offer a variety of valuable services to help you manage your precious metal account.

Our account executives work closely with our trading department to provide you with the latest precious metal prices, market trends and buying and selling reports.

Metal accounts are available to ensure the most effective use of your metal stocks. We can help you on all aspects of your precious metals business - from deciding on a precious metal strategy to the various options available to you on the purchase and sale of your metal. We also advise you on using refining outturns to fund future product requirements.

Metal outturn options include:

  • Metal held in your Johnson Matthey account for current and future purchases
  • Sold at current market value for direct payment to you
  • Returned to you as physical metal
  • Transferred electronically to another account.

To find out more about our services please contact us on the phone numbers below or by completing our online form.

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