Following the sun

On the 19th of July (200th day of our 200th year) we were holding one global Johnson Matthey party around the clock, from sunrise in Japan to sunset in the USA to mark this amazing
milestone for the company.

We have started our journey of inspiring science in 1817 when precious metal refining was the core for Johnson Matthey's business. Back then we were assayers, testing the purity of precious metals. Today, our science and research help to reduce pollution, relieve pain, restore hearing
and boost crops. 

As a global leader in sustainable technologies and the largest secondary platinum group metals (PGM) refiner in the world, we have developed highly advanced processes for extracting and separating PGMs from products - so advanced that we can refine platinum, for example, to a
purity of 99.999%. In fact, we refine enough platinum and palladium in a year to make millions
of autocatalysts.

Take a look at our exciting journey which started in 1817 when Percival Norton Johnson established his business as a gold assayer in London with just £150 of capital (equivalent to £11,500 today).

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