Celebrating 200 years of inspiring science

Percival Norton Johnson and George Matthey made a surprise visit to greet our customers
and partners at the Johnson Matthey 200th Anniversary Reception at IPMI 2017 this month.
We would like to thank all who attended our event and enjoyed the evening with us. 

This year is a special one for Johnson Matthey as we are celebrating 200 years of inspiring science with our technologies and products enhancing the lives of people around
the world.

Johnson Matthey began its business in 1817 when we were assayers, testing the purity
of precious metals. Today, our science and research help to reduce pollution, relieve pain,
restore hearing and boost crops.

We are the world’s largest secondary refiner with 7 metals’ refining capabilities. We refine
a wide range of materials for a variety of industries: from automotive and petrochemical to
jewellery and nitric acid.



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