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Johnson Matthey believes that Security is the responsibility of everyone working at JM. Our security procedures and systems are designed as an effective deterrent against both external and internal risks that keep your metal safe.

Our security is high profile – we want people to know that that our sites are secure.  Our security standards are applied to all of our Business Units and sites worldwide. Alarmed fences, access controlled gates and barriers, CCTV, and physical patrolling are effective deterrents to our external risks. All precious metal is stored in high specification safes and strongrooms. These safes and strongrooms are alarmed, time locked, and double controlled – custodians cannot open them without security and security cannot open them without the custodian.

We maintain the right to search everyone leaving our premises and secure areas. This applies to anyone entering JM secure areas. No one will be allowed on to our secure areas unless they agree to these terms. By anyone and their property we mean: Every employee and visitor including:

  • The Chairman
  • VIPs
  • Visitors and customers
  • Contractors and trades persons
  • Vehicles - lorries, cars, fork lift trucks, trolleys etc

Equipment, containers, luggage, mail, laundry, and rubbish are also subjected to searching. These searches are conducted in designated areas under CCTV. They will incorporate one or more of the following: hands on searching, hand-held metal detector searching, X-ray machines, and metal detector arches.

As well as our search policy JM incorporates stringent housekeeping and metal control. We also have a list of prohibited items  including mobile telephones, cameras and computer media.

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